The bicycle is no longer just a means of transportation, but a lifestyle and fashion accessory. Whether single speed, retro race bike, or custom made, the bicycle is a status symbol, an expression of personality, and a social statement.
Due to a lack of space, the fear of theft, and simply for the love of their bikes, more people than ever are taking their bikes with them into their home or office. No one wants to leave their prized possession unattended. But leaning it against the wall would be too easy. We are a team of avid cyclists, designers, and collectors that have taken it upon ourselves to develop bicycle racks that meet the highest standards of functionality, individuality, and design.
Established in 2012, MIKILI stands for high-quality bicycle racks and furniture, 100% made in Berlin. Whether in your home, at the office, or in a cafe, our products present your bike in the best light without losing sight of functional needs. Even when your bike is not hanging on the wall, the products fulfill a function and make a clear design statement in the room.
Our products are not just plain old bicycle racks. They are built to meet the exacting quality standards of the urban cyclist. Away from the mainstream and the garage. The use of high-quality materials, local production in a social workshop, and attention to detail set our products apart and make them unique.
MIKILI was established by Sebastian Backhaus and Leopold Brötzmann. We are continually on the lookout for better solutions in all areas. So far we have achieved the following: local furniture production in a social workshop, shipping material made of recyclable material, advertising material from an eco-friendly print shop, an account at a sustainable bank, and the use of green electricity.

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Our Partners:

Product design (support): Jan Tiemann www.jantiemann.de
Product design (support): Nicolai Hertle www.nicolaihertle.com
Product design (support): Sebastian Feucht www.eco3plan.de
Programming: Jan Tackmann www.jantackmann.de
Corporate design: Stefan Bönisch www.stefanboenisch.de
Photography: Sebastian Dörken www.sbdsgn.de
Photography: Anna Rehe www.oleanna.de
Text and Press: Elke Langer www.elkelanger.com
Industry knowledge: Ulrike Saade www.velokonzept.de
Bank: GLS Bank Berlin www.gls.de
Legal advice: Christian Oskar Marcachi www.itrecht-freiburg.de
Printing: Print Pool www.print-pool.com
Photography on this site: Gerald von Foris